Welcoming Ramadan

All thanks and glorifications belong to our Owner and Creator, Allahu tabaraka wa ta’ala, by right. He originated creation when it was not and sustained existence without the slightest stress. Every atom in existence proclaims His glory, acknowledging His perfection and His pure sublimity.

We thank Allahu subhanahu wa ta’ala specially for the greatest fortune of Iman and for the great grace of witnessing another blessed and sublime month of Ramadan. The sacred month of Ramadan is an opportunity, a rare and very unique favour from our most Gracious Lord, and every opportunity is an invaluable gem which a believer must never allow to be wasted at all.

The Prophet of mercy, our beloved Nabiyy, Rasulu-Karim Sayyidina Muhammad Mustafa (alaihi ‘s-salam) mentioned that only the aged ones know the value and bliss in youthfulness, only the bed-ridden and terribly sick know the value of health, and only the dead ones can truly perceive the value of life. So, those who can sincerely comprehend the blessing of this noble month of Ramadan are those who witnessed the last Ramadan but are now in the grave. They longingly hope to see another of this great month, the kings of all months, but fate, in its very strange ways has sent them to the cemetery. The living in reality are not very far from the dead, we are fortunate to see another month of grace and excuse from Allahu ta’ala, we need to struggle to maximize its gains to escape regrets when Qiyama (resurrection) comes.


Every business has its season and every season also has its peak. The farmers give up rest when rains come, the tailors are ever awake as Eids (Festival) approach and the politicians become restless as elections get near. The month of Ramadan is the season of believers, the true people of Iman who desires Allahu ta’ala forgiveness, love and pleasure, and who crave the higher stations in Jannat. Such true believers would put aside all plays, amusements and distractions, reduce their worldly businesses to the minimum and focus ibadats and services to Allahu ta’ala’s creation and giving up sins throughout the auspicious month of Ramadan. The saintly elders, past and present, see this as the ultimate sign of success. If we miss the other months out we have only lost something, but if we play with Ramadan sharif, we have lost everything. May Allahu ta’ala, barkat of Rasulullah (alaihi ‘s-salam), save us from temporal and eternal misfortunes, amin.


It comes in a Hadith ash-Sharif that Rajab is the month of Allahu ta’ala, shaaban is the month of the Prophet and Ramadan is the month of the mumin, the believers. This is one unique month that Allahu subhanahu wa ta’ala, in His infinite wisdom and All-encompassing mercy, has set aside for His chosen friends, the fortunate slaves honoured with Iman. It is the month of their spiritual renewal, the month of their forgiveness, the month of their emancipation from the Fire, and a month of turning their misfortunes to bliss and transforming their sins, slips and foibles to blessed deeds due to the over flowing mercy of Allahu ta’ala. This great mercy of Allahu ta’ala is so superfluous and abundant that our beloved Nabiyy (alaihi ‘s-salam) declared that none witnessed the blessed month of Ramadan and remains deprived except the truly unfortunate, the eternally wretched.

He whose basket of destiny is woven in black

Even the zamzam will not turn it white

He who is not good for goodness sake

Will not get even a drop  from a week long rains

As a matter of fact, the Arch-Angel Jibril (alaihi ‘s-salam) placed a curse on the one who witnesses the month of Ramadan and fails to get his ticket to Jannat, while the Sayyed of Prophets and the cause of Allah’s creation said ‘amin, to this Angelic pronouncement. This underline the great opportunities opened to believers in this great month.


  • This great month is the month of Tawba, that is a most sacred time to turn to Allahu ta’ala in repentance. Tawba is the open pool of Allahu ta’ala where only the deprived failed to swim. He who witnesses the crescent of Ramadan and becomes happy, and makes sincere intention to fast the month solely for the pleasure of Allahu ta’ala, all his past sins are forgiven. For true success and complete benefit in Ramadan, Tawba and istighfar should mark its beginning, its middle, its every moments and its end. Tawba is the concrete pivot holding our deeds down and giving it some great weight, he who neglects Tawba has been deprived of all good.
  • This month is the month for learning taqwa. It holds the proof that everyone of us, saints and sinners, the cautious and the heedless, the careful and the carefree can actually overcome our menacing desires to become friends and beloved of Allahu ta’ala. It is the month of casting away passions, of turning down desires and of intensive efforts at ibadat to attain the acceptance of Allahu ta’ala.
  • This noble month is the month of making up for our past deficiency and of filling up our credit accounts with valuable deeds so that our salvation may be hoped. Little ibadats done in this month is rewarded manifold, attempts to fend off the most menial sin in this month is recorded among lofty deeds leading to eternal Jannat, goodnesses done to others in this month instantly open up the gate to Allahu ta’ala’s eternal mercy, even the gift of a piece of date becomes a shield against the Hell-fire for the one who gives, subhanallah.
  • This month is the month of lovers. Allahu subhanahu wa ta’ala in a very unique way is demonstrating His avid love for the believers in this month. This is the month in which the mercy of our Karim Lord is busy looking for excuses for believers. Iblis is tied, the gates to Hell are closed, the bliss and breeze of Jannat are felt everywhere, good deeds and piety are made so easy, yet believers are rewarded in millions multiple for the most menial efforts so that their balance with Allahu ta’ala is reversed, and their state of loss transformed forever. May our most compassionate Lord grant us the ability to work assiduously to please Him throughout this month and for the rest of our stay in the world, amin.