Rajab (Nawafil)

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The auspicious month of Rajab and the recommended (Mustahab) nafilats of the blessed month


30 raka’ah in the course of the month, broken to 10 raka’ah to be performed in set of two raka’ah, in the beginning, middle and end of the blessed month.

Our beloved Nabi (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) advised Hadrat Salman Farsi (radiAllahu ‘anh) to perform 10 raka’ah nafilat each on the first day, the 15th day and last day of the blessed month of Rajab. This effort is rewarded with wiping away the sins of the believer who offers these nafilats and he attains the status of those who fasted the entire month.

When the great Sahabi, Sayyidina Salman Farsi (radiAllahu ‘anh) requested from the holy Prophet (alaihi ‘s-salam) about the detailed procedure of the nafilats. Rasulu-Karim Muhammad Mustafa (alaihi ‘s-salam) gave the following instructions:

Suratul Fatiha (1) in each rakaat

Suratul Kafirun (3) in each rakaat

Suratul Ikhlas (3) in each rakaat

After the ten raka’ah of the first day of Rajab the worshipper is expected to say:

La ilaha ilallahu wahdahu la sharikalah lahul mulku wa lahul hamdu yuhyi wa yumitu biyadihil khair wa huwa ‘ala kulli shayn Qadir. Allahumma  la mana lima atata, wa la muatiyi lima ma ata, wa la yaunfau zuljaddi minkaljaddu

After the 10 raka’ah of the 15th day of Rajab the worshipper says:

Illahan wahidan, ahadan samadan wa faradan wa witran lam tattakhiz sahibatan wala waladan

After the 10 raka’ah of the last day the worshipper says:

Allahumma salli ala sayyidina Muhammad wa ahlihi tahirin, wa la hawla wala quwwata illabillahi aliyul azhim

After this dua completing the 30 raka’ah, one makes requests for all he desires and the exalted Hadith ashSharif says all that one request would be granted in addition to other great rewards.


Raghaib night is the first Friday night of Rajab. This night is esteemed by sages of the past due to its virtues mention in the Ahadith.

How it is perform

Between Maghrib and Ishai one performs a twelve raka’ah nafilat in set of two raka’ah. In each raka’ah Suratul Fatiha is recited once, Suratul Qadr is recited thrice, and Suratul Ikhlas is recited twelve times.

After the termination of the 12th raka’ah one remains seated and say seventy times:

Allahumma salli ala Muhammad annabiyyil ummiyi wa ‘ala alihi

And then ask our needs and they would be granted insha-Allah.


The following tasbih should be said in the course of the nafilat. In sajda (prostration) we replace the normal tasbih with:

Subbuhun Quddusun Rabbul Malaikati warruh (3, 5 or 7 times)

In jalsa (sitting between the two sajdah in a raka’at) we say:

Rabbigh-fir war’ham watajawaz amma ta’alamu

Please remember that it is blessed to observe the fast of the Thursday that heralds the Raghaib night.


Miraj night is the night of ascension of the exalted Prophet (alaihi ‘s-salam) to the heavens and to places unknown in order to be honoured by Allahu ta’ala who is beyond all concept, all descriptions and all directions.

The Holy Qur’an specifically discussed this journey of honour which happened according to great numbers of the learned on 27th of Rajab, the same night Rasulullah (alaihi ‘s-salam) was said to have met Angel Jibrail (alaihi ‘s-salam) who invested him with his messengership (Risala)

The exalted Prophet (alaihi ‘s-salam) said:

  1. If someone keeps the fast of the 27th day of Rajab, he will be credited with the same reward as that earned by fasting for sixty months.

The 27th day is the day following the Miraj Night.

  1. Rajab contains a very special day and a very special night. If someone fasts during that day, and keeps awake throughout the night, he would be entitled to a reward like the one that would be earned by a person who fasted for a hundred years, and who keeps vigil throughout all night in that period.
  • Rajab is one of the sacred months and its days are inscribed on the sixth gate of Jannat. So, if a man has fasted during one day of this month, and if he has kept his fast completely clean through obedience devotion (Taqwa) to Allahu ta’ala, the gate of Paradise will acquire the faculty of Speech, and the day itself will also acquire the faculty of Speech, the two of them will say:

“O Lord, forgive him!”

But if he has failed to make his fast complete through obedient devotion to Allahu ta’ala, they will make no such plea for him to be forgiven. They will (rather) say (or he will be told by some other voice):

“Your own lower self (nafs) has betrayed you.”


Nafilat of Miraj Night

A believer who desires the tremendous blessings associated with this night should observe a twenty raka’ah nafilat in a set of two reciting 20 Suratul Ikhlas in each raka’at.

At the end of the nafilat one says Istighfar a hundred times and the Salawatul Shareef:

Allahumma salli ‘ala Muhammadin wa ‘ala ahli Muhammadin wa sallim a hundred times.

This is followed with supplication to Allahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

May Allahu ta’ala make the path to obedience and devotion easy for us. May He accept us and grant us His infinite and eternal pleasure as alms for the noblest of Allah’s creation, Rasulu-Karim Muhammad Mustafa (alaihi wa ahlihi wa sahabihi salawatu wataslimat).