Leaving Sins

Bismillahi wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah wa ‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa sahabihi ajmain, amin.

We seek from Allah a pearl invaluable

A life of Taqwa free from sins

Taqwa (piety) is the goal of life and the gold of the Hereafter. Esteem in this world comes through family, wealth and status and honours in the world to come is based on Taqwa. Your wealth accompany you as far as the door, your family follow you as far as the cemetery and only your deeds will be lowered with you into the grave. Allahu ta’ala declared in the Holy Qur’an that the one worthy of honours in His most exalted presence is the one who possesses Taqwa.

Majority of Muslims have this natural desire to live a sin free life but the best most could achieve is to sit on the fence; savouring the tastes of sins on one hand while also engaging in some religious activities on the other hand. Because they are possessors of lman, the prickling of conscience would not allow them to have a rest of mind. Sins, being what they are, keep the heart in an unexplainable tension which most of the time appears on the face. Despite the tension and pains resulting from sins, however, the attraction becomes so overpowering that the nafs (man’s ego) is only waiting anxiously for the next opportunity, Subhanallah!

Sins are poisons wrapped in candies. They are seeds of disaster which are soonest to blossom and produce bitter fruits. Persisting in sins certainly runs athwart to the dictate of wisdom because a life of disobedience is, in reality, not a life but absolute shame.

Indeed the truly successful believer is the one who makes his intelligence his master and his desires a slave, and the greatest misfortune is to suppress one’s intelligence to become a slave to desires. The saintly (alaihimu ‘r-rahma) have mentioned that desires are the main challenge of man on earth. As a matter of fact, the Angels (alaihimu ‘s-salam) have intelligence but no desires. The animals are all desires but no intelligence. Only human beings combine both intelligence and desires. Any believer who follows his intelligence giving up his desires becomes like the Angels or even higher, and the one who submits to his desires turning away from the dictates of intelligence becomes like beasts or even lower.

The challenge of sins is today more terrifying to the Muslims than ever before due to the fact that all accessories to sins are made readily available to all and evils that would take ages to plan in the past centuries is today a matter of pressing a button. Continue reading “Leaving Sins”

Success Tips

The true believer sees his stay and activities in this world as a travelling experience while the pretender (Munafiq) sees the world as a place where passion and greed are satisfied and properties acquired and accumulated.

A traveler is satisfied with little of everything until he reaches his final destination and his focus is attaining the goal for which he sets out in the first instance. Every breath we take is a step in this journey of life. Our eating should be moderate, our sleep should be regulated and our passion satisfaction and acquisition of wealth should be strictly be within the limits of the Islamic Sharia. We need to sustain this until we arrive our real home in paradise.

This way only can we be true Muslims and any other way will surely ends in disaster. A saintly ‘alim (rahimahullah) said.

‘we should be alert as to how we spend time, the capital of our lives’. We should prefer sound investment of our limited number of breaths to the goods of this world. We need to be like travelers of virtue and truth, who give up the temporal to embrace the eternal , the endless success, preferring the right path to the path that leads to one’s destruction. The Majestic Qur’an says:

Those who rest not their hope in meeting with us , but are pleased and satisfied with the life of the present, those who heed not our signs; their final abode is the fire (surat Yunus 7-8)