The Virtues of the Sacred Month of Rajab

Bismillahi wa salatu wa salamu ‘ala Rasulillah wa ‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa sahabihi ajmain, amin.

We offer our Hamd to our Karim Lord, Allahu subhanahu wa ta’ala, for the unique blessing of Iman and for all He has mercifully put in place to ensure our forgiveness and our success on the Day of Hisab. Allahu subhanahu wa ta’ala loves all possessors of Iman. With their guidance to Iman He has extended a ‘hand’ of friendship to them, and with the bond of love established, He also took it upon His majesty to fulfill all rights of friendship due. A reflection over the obligatory and nawafil ibadats as well as many little deeds that give so much rewards and exaltation would reveal how much our Lord and Creator has put in place to raise our rewards, cleanse us of sins and even turn our evils and lapses to good.

The month of Rajab is one of the sacred time selected by Allahu ta’ala to offset our deficit by granting abundance of reward. Our beloved Prophet (sallallahu alaihi wa salam) and their pious  heirs and lovers (alaihimu ‘r-ridwan) would make the best of this month, exerting themselves in ibadats and good deeds. This write up is to remind Muslims of the sacredness of this noble months, of the sacred duties in it, and of the rewards attainable by those who sincerely make efforts to win Allah’s mercy in it.

The Hujjatul Islam, al-Imam Abu Hamid al-Ghazali (rahimahullah) quoted the noblest Rasulullah (alaihi ‘s-salam) as saying:

Rajab is the month of Allahu ta’ala, Sha’ban is my month, and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah. Continue reading “The Virtues of the Sacred Month of Rajab”

Timbuktu: A Paradise in Shambles

Colonialism is one fettered wound that time has failed to heal. And what else can heal a wound which has defied the soothing balm of time except the sustained efforts of the truly committed whose only goal in life is the pleasure of their Lord and Creator, Allahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala.

Pitiable is the situation of the Muslims today, especially the French colonized regions of West Africa. Indeed, the effects of colonialism is more telling on today’s Muslims, relative to the great heroes who confronted the army of exploitation and disbelief. Cut from the past and denuded socially through language and cultural impositions, the Muslims in colonised regions are deprived of a meaningful life in the present thus becoming a bad imitation of what our spiritual ancestors used to be.

I was blessed with a visit to what used to be the spiritual capital of the West Africa sub-region, the great city of Timbuktu. Decadence and disappointments we met as the journey progressed, but we kept the ‘joker’ close to our hearts; if all cities embrace laxities, the city of Timbuktu would surely struggle to be above board. Alas, the depth of colonial atrocities is beyond the wildest imaginations. The genocide lives on, as people remain robbed economically, persecuted spiritually and left with an educational system that would produce everything but a true Muslim. My heart bled and with tear-filled eyes, I recollect a famous quatrain, a merger of my couplet with the invaluable couplet of the unique and noble Shaykh, Hadrat Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad Naqshbandi (Damat Barakatuhu):

The state of the Ummah is worrisome indeed

Men are rare but for the name

Adrift at sea with no Shore in sight

Emptiness we see wherever we turn Continue reading “Timbuktu: A Paradise in Shambles”

On The Fringe of Extinction: Supplication after Salat

All Hamd to Him who created man and created other innumerable beings for his needs, who throws open the door of his worldly treasures for all His creatures, Muslims and non-Muslims, thankful and ingrates, living and non-living. Unlike worldly kings and wealthy men, He not only throws open but also calls, imploring His servants to come for His favours saying, ‘who needs so that I give, who seeks pardon so that I forgive him.’ He made this asking, this supplication the sword of the Muslims and promised honours for those who humble themselves before Him praying and requesting and disgrace for the arrogant slaves who failed to recognize their being needy every moment thus refusing to ask by humbling themselves before the Lord of all things and the only one who is far from needing anything from anybody. Continue reading “On The Fringe of Extinction: Supplication after Salat”

Bedroom Fiqh

Bismillahi wa salatu wa salamu ala Rasulillah wa ‘ala jami’il ambiyai wal-mursalin wa ‘ala ahlihi wa sahabihi ajmain, amin.

All praise, adorations and gratitude’s belong to Him who created all beings in pairs as a proof of His oneness, who inclines the heart of the sexes to relationship as a means of sustaining creation and who makes marriage halal and prohibits zina. May all prayers of goodness be on our master and Sayyed of Prophets, Muhammad Mustafa , on his brother Prophets u and Angels u and on the exalted sages y who are the preservers of his sublime and unique tradition, amin.

My very dear and valuable brother, I pray that Allah I honour you with walking in the Nur of Muhammad u throughout your life and bless you with good destiny and good end as alms for the essence of Islamic scholarship and wilaya, al-Imam ar-Rabbani Shaykh Ahmad Faruqi t amin. You asked me to summarise the rule of relationship for a newly married couple, that I should make it brief and self explanatory. This I set out to do trusting myself to Allah U, the real force behind all events and to Him is our return. La haola wa la quwata illa billah. Continue reading “Bedroom Fiqh”


By Ibn ‘Arabi


What the seeker needs is also known as Kitab Kunh ma la budda minhu lil- murid. This short work was written in Mosul in 1204 in answer to the question of what the seeker “should believe in and what he should do in the beginning, before anything else.”

Translations of this work have been printed on several occasions: in Turkish (by Mahmud Mukhtar Bey, 1898); Spanish (excerpts by M. Asin Palacios, 1931); and in English (by A. Jeffrey, 1962).

* * * * * *


All praise and thanks are due to Allah Most High, and may His benedictions and salutations be upon His messenger, and the progeny and companions of His messenger.

This short guide is a response to one who wishes to take the path of faith, hope, and love so that he might become complete and perfect as he was created. It was written to answer his questions about what he should believe in and what he should do in the beginning, before anything else.

O you who yearn for eternal beauty, traveler on the path of the true wish, may Allah make you successful in knowing the true way, finding it, and being upon it. May He use you and us in actions that please Him and are done for His sake. For the beginning and the end and what is in between, and success in them all, belong only to Him. Continue reading “WHAT THE SEEKER NEEDS”