Auzubillahi min ash-Shaytanir rajim

Bismillahir Rahamanir Raheem

As we bid the auspicious month of Allah, the noble month of Rajab bye, and resume the exalted month of Sha’ban, it is imperative to mention few words from our learned and saintly past encouraging towards the proper efforts in Sha’ban to get a successful and accepted Ramadan. It is said that if our Sha’ban is not proper, our Ramadan can never be perfect or good enough. The most blissful month of Ramadan is nothing but a downpour of Allah’s mercy and invaluable gifts, the clouds of this Divine rains forms in Rajab, and the strong winds heralding the rains comes in Sha’ban.

  • Rain waters are collected in clean pots after rinsing the pots clean, the heart is the depository of Divine graces and the cleanser for the receptacle of the heart is Tawba, profuse and sincere Tawba. This is the foundation of every noble aspiration in our Deen and also our recourse at every junction of our spiritual journey. The saintly ‘alim and Mujahid, the noblest Imam, Shaykh Uthman bn Fundi al-Qadiri al-Maliki (rahimahullah) once mentioned that Tawba is the veil over the filth of our disobedience, our sins, and a veil over the inadequacy of our devotions. Tawba is the security for our past and an assurance for our future. Tawba is life after death, since hearts become dead and decadent with sins and their coming to life again is only through most sincere Tawba.

So, as we gradually journey through Sha’ban enroute Ramadan, it is most imperative to increase our prayers of Istighfar and returning often in repentance so that we arrive the noble month of Ramadan with a clean slate. Any prayers of Tawba from the sunnah would do, and we can as well use few of them interchangeably. Saying Astagfirullah, Astagfirullah, in hundreds or a thousand of times with attentive heart post salat throughout the month of Sha’ban would prove very beneficial. Other longer versions of Dua of Tawba are: Continue reading “ACT WELL YOUR SHA’BAN FOR A FRUITFUL RAMADAN”

Laylatul Bara’a

The Fifteenth Night of Sha’aban [Its Virtues And The Recommended Duties]

Auzubillahi min ash-Shaytani rrajim, Bismillahi ‘r-rahmani ‘r-rahim

     Bara’at night is the fifteen night of the blessed month of Sha’aban. That is, it is the night between its fourteenth and fifteen days. In the eternal past, before creating anything, Allahu ta’ala predestined, decreed all things. Of these, He informs His angels about everything that will happen during one year on this night. On this night also the Holy Qur’an descended on to the Lawhil mafuz. Rasulullah ‘salallahu alaihi wa sallam’ would worship and pray very much during this night.

     Of the greatest sayings of the noblest of Allah’s servants, Rasulu-karim Muhammad Mustafa {alaihi ‘s-Salam} and laylatul Bara’a the following are choosen to deepen our understanding of the reverence due to this night so that we use the night wisely in Ibadat and supplications.

    Our beloved Prophet, Sayyidna Rasulullah {sallallahu alaihi wa sallam} said;

  1. Jibrail (alaihi ‘salam) came to me and said, “Get up, perform Salat and pray! Tonight is the fifteenth night of Sha’aban.” Allahu ta’ala forgives those who respect this night. Only, He does not forgive polytheists, sorcerers, witches, misers, those who have alcoholic drinks, those who take interest and those who commit fornication.
  2. Know that Barat Night is an opportunity, a great fortune! For, it is a certain night. It is the fifteenth night of Sha’aban. Qadr night is very great, but it is not known for certain which night it is. Worship very much on this night. Or else you will repent on the Judgement Day!

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