Adab of Ramadan at a Glance

Adab, literally translated as ethics, may come to mean giving every person and every event its due honours and deserved attention. it is to avoid negligence in every affairs – worldly or concerning the akhirah (hereafter). Here are the summary of the adabs of the blessed month of Ramadan.

  • Joining other believers to search for the crescent of Ramadan Sharif from the 29th of Shaaban.
  • To be full of joy when one sees the crescent or hears the news of the commencement of Ramadan Sharif.
  • Make Istighfar for past sins and mistakes.
  • Making the intention to fast the month to please Allahu Subhanahu wa ta’ala.
  • Reciting the Fatih surah on the first night to seek the endless fortunes coming with the blessed month.
  • More than any other time, we should strictly avoid sins in Ramadan Sharif. To sin in this glorious month is to slight, to disrespect the month. Anger, insults and unnecessary talks should be avoided.
  • Fast throughout the month unless there is a compelling hindrance.
  • Make a personal time – table for the month so that you can make the best of the month.
  • Stand up for Tarawih every night.
  • Listen to the whole Qur’an in Tarawih if possible.
  • Recite the whole Qur’an at least once. The more you recite the better. This is the month of Qur’an al-majid.
  • Eat the early morning food and stop before the dawn (Fajr). ‘Surely, Allahu ta’ala loves to see His servant eat the Sha’ri’. [Hadith]
  • Break your fast as soon as you see that the sun is set.
  • Break your fast with date, salt, olive or Date being the best.
  • Guard your eyes from the opposite gender and other evils. Guard your ears from music and immoral talks and guard your tongue from all evil utterances.
  • Eat halal food only, in Iftar and Sahur, and eat very moderate too. It goes against adab to go into excess, filling your stomach.
  • Make Dua {supplication} profusely throughout the month. But specially do not break you fast [Iftar], nor eat [Sahur] without making much Dua.
  • Fill all your time in Ramadan Sharif with Dhikr. The exalted Prophet {alaihi ‘s-salam} specially recommended saying: La ilaha illallah, Astaghfirullah, seeking Jannat and seeking protection against Hell fire. These four are brought together in the saying:

La ilaha illallah, Astaghfirullah as’alukal Jannah wa’auzubika minannar.

So say this many times daily throughout the month.

  • Say profuse salawat for Rasulullah {sallallahu alaihi wa sallam}.
  • Be patient with hunger and thirst, with people, with other creations and in restraining yourself from sins.
  • Avoid all people that will lead you to sinning or time wastage.
  • Value every passing moment in Ramadan Sharif, for it is a treasure gone forever. This may well be our last Ramadan. Who knows?
  • Make Muslims happy, feed them even if a sip of water, reduce the job of those working under you, give them, forgive them and reply evils with good.
  • Observe the Ittikaf in last ten days of Ramadan Sharif.
  • Pray constantly for the Ummah past, present and future throughout this noble month.
  • Pray for the relief of Muslims who are in difficult situations all over the world.
  • Preach virtues and piety and try to be with the pious throughout the month and thereafter.
  • Use the last night leading to Eid-el-Fitr in ibadats and supplications.
  • Go to the Eid ground clean, perfumed and very early.
  • Make Dhikr and supplicate much on the Eid ground for here supplications are not rejected.
  • Thank Almighty Allah for the efforts you make in Ramadan Sharif and regret and repent for your failures and inabilities.
  • Meet Muslims with smiles praying for a Mubarak Eid for all.
  • Visit the graves of loved ones and other Muslims and pray for them. Remember that you will soon be with them.
  • Celebrate the eid eating, drinking, entertaining others and remembering Allahu ta’ala.
  • Do not spoil all the barakat of Ramadan Sharif by going into sin or encourage others to sinning in the name of Eid
  • Always remember that our entire stay here is like Ramadan where we take only the necessary and avoid strictly the prohibitions. Then our real Eid-el-Fitr will commence as soon as we die and will continue eternally in

This is real victory and this is true success. Wishing all Muslims a fruitful and Mubarak Ramadan that leads to success temporal and eternal.

Wa Salam

Faqir Abdulqadir an-Naqshbandial-Mujaddidi – Nigeria