About the Author

Faqir AbdulQadr an-Naqshbandi {Damat Barakatuhu} was born in the mid sixties at Amayo, Kwara State, Nigeria, West Africa.

He had his Qur’anic and primary education in his place of birth. His secondary education was at the famous Government Secondary school Ilorin. He proceeded to Kwara State College of Technology (now a Polytechnic) and later University of Ilorin where he bagged a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language. He worked with schools in Oyo, Zamfara and Katsina states of Nigeria as a teacher of English Language before he resigned his appointment in order to further his pursuance of excellence in Islamic learning. He has the unique privilege of studying under as well as visiting many outstanding Sunni Shuyukh of our time across Africa. With these great personalities he attained the invaluable barakah of ‘ilm, patience, humility and being a source of mercy to the entire creation.

Faqir AbdulQadr {Damat Barakatuhu} was the founder of a Da’awah and Islamic Study Group, The Sunni Brothers of Nigeria, in the mid eighties whose aim is to revive the pristine Islamic Heritage of Studiousness, moral uprightness and peaceful co-existence with people of different faiths and inclinations as taught in the books of Traditional Islamic scholars {alaihimu ‘r-ridwan} who have unbroken chain of scholarship with the best of creation, Rasulu-Karim Muhammad Mustafa {alaihi ‘s-salam}.This study group later metamorphosed into the present Darus-Salam, Society of Nigeria. A body duly registered with the Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission.

Faqir  AbdulQadr {Damat Barakatuhu} is a student of the world renown ‘alim and ‘arif, the exalted Shaykh Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad an-Naqshbandi {Damat Barakatuhu} for years. He was formally granted certificate of authorisation  (Ijazah) in the Naqshbandiyya Mujaddidi Tariqah in Ramadan 1428 A.H. (2007) by Mahabbubul – Ulama wa Sulaha, Hadrat Hafiz Zulfiqar Ahmad an-Naqshbandi {Damat Barakatuhu} and since then he has been travelling within the West Africa sub-continent teaching the science of purification of the hearts and engaging in discourses tending towards Islah (self rectification), peaceful living and proper adaptation to the purifying sunnah of Rasulullah {sallallahu alaihi wa sallam}.

Faqir AbdulQadr {Damat Barakatuhu} is also the Editor of As-Salam Magazine, an invaluable spiritual laxative published by the Darus-Salam Society of Nigeria and distributed free across the Muslim world. He is also an author of several volumes of books most of them yet to be published. Among his published works are A Call to Truth, Beyond the Ordinary, Becoming a Man of Piety and Tawba: Turning to Allah in Repentance. All these titles are for free distribution. Faqir AbdulQadr is currently the director of Hilmi Computer Technology, Katsina, Nigeria, West Africa as well as a coordinator of a number of schools perfectly blending Islamic education with secular learnings.

Faqir AbdulQadr {Damat Barakatuhu} has travelled to several countries including Saudi Arabia (on Hajj). He is married and blessed with children.